Thank you and welcome to your new subscription to Connecting The Dots!  You have subscribed to the full year of receiving an inspirational story for 261 weekdays.  I know you will enjoy these stories and that they will find a place in your life’s story. 
If you experience any trouble in receiving your weekday posts or if you have comments or feedback for me, please let me know via email or phone.  You can reach me at Emily@focuscoaching.info or at 703.409.2287.
If you purchased this year of inspiration for yourself or someone else before December 25, 2011, you will receive a bonus deck of the very 64 affirmation cards I use almost everyday, certainly when I feel stuck or need a new way of thinking.  Simply shuffle the deck and pull a card for the day, or just for the moment.  Instantly, you will pull the card that is perfect for whatever situation prompted the choice.  Trust it and move forward.
You will begin receiving your stories on the first working day of the month after your purchase.  If you purchased in December 2011, your first story will arrive in your inbox on January 2.  Please let me know if this does not happen!  I’m still a one-woman operation and may encounter glitches which I will be able to fix as soon as you contact me.
Here’s to your best year ever!

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