A Spiritual Approach to Weight…ALIGNING YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT

How This Program Works
Ready to add the Spiritual component to your holistic approach to weight and health?  There’s no need to switch from your current diet plan or fitness program.  This program will serve as a complement to what you are already doing with your body and mind.  The spiritual component is the missing piece of the trinity, Body, Mind and Spirit.  For most, it’s the missing link. 
What past participants have said about this course:
 –The calls.  Interacting with participants and hearing their experiences and getting your unique perspective, Emily, really made this course worthwhile.  I especially like that you challenged how we think and talk about ourselves. 
–The spirituality component.  I felt I grew in spiritual leaps and bounds through this program. I revisited some past studies and beliefs, reevaluated some other beliefs, got back into prayer mode, reconnected with The Great Spirit and learned ways to relax through the energy of love and my higher power.
–Facebook and the ability to vent there, in writing, which is often one of my preferred ways to sort things out.
–The amount of resources you provided were significant and added so much to the understanding of the mind, body, Spirit approach.
I listened to past participants and built in more time for the lessons to be completed and to sink in.  The teleclass format is class one week and Q&A/Meditation/Coaching the next week, alternating throughout 2012 , taking the month of August off.  Sunday nights are easier because we are transitioning to the work/school week and setting up our thoughts and intentions for the week ahead.  You will be centered for the week ahead!
To be successful in the program, for the year, you will commit to attending most of the classes (don’t worry, you will receive a link to a replay for those you miss), commit to be supported by the Q&A/Meditation sessions and take advantage of the once-a-month private strategy session with Coach Emily, and commit to be supportive of others’ success by participating on the calls and online support group (Facebook or Yahoo).  You will commit to reading the book and working the lessons to the best of your ability.  Your success is directly related to the effort you put forth.  Past participants have dropped the ball but got right back into the program, grateful to not feel pressure or shame upon return.  Having a year’s commitment and support guarantee’s your success.
You can tell aready this Course is more than a weekly class…there’s also tons of BONUSES!
Included in this course is:
► 42  Classes ($2100 Value)
► Replay/downloads of Lessons, Meditations and
     Support Materials, lectures on food addiction,
     etc. Unlimited Email to Coach Emily plus
     online group support ($200 Value)

► 11 one-on-one 20 Minute Strategy Sessions
     with Coach Emily ($660 Value)
► Class with Marianne (as her schedule allows)
     and other expert information ($50 Value)
► Support after End of Course (Priceless Value)
Adding up the actual value for this year-long course and support comes to a bargan  $3010!  …this is a significant deep discount for the what you receive.  Most professional coaches are charging at least $400 a month for three 30-minute sessions…over 11 months that would be $4400 alone without all the support this course has to offer!
Don’t allow cost hold you back! 
I’m offering 3 even deeper discounted investment options for you to choose from.  Your success is my number 1 goal…
GO! (Schedule and Fee Options are Being ReWorked!)
What DO you HAVE to lose?  
►      Your negative self-image and self-talk!
►      The Loneliness around your weight battle!
►      All of the weight loss gadgets and tapes that
          failed you in the past!
►      Clothing sizes, inches and pounds! Oh My!
►      Your "Monkey Mind" Chatter!
AND You will Gain:
►       An understanding once and for all whether
           you are a compulsive overeater or a full-
           blown food addict
►       Control over your negative, unsupportive
►       Knowing what "Surrender Your Weight
           Forever" really means
►       Clarity as to why you overeat and what
           triggers it
►       Knowledge of your trigger emotions and the
           what you trully crave
►       Practice of your new behavioral skills
►       A Daily Spiritual Practice
►       Peace of Mind!

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