“Emily’s coaching work really changed my life. I had been considering becoming an independent consultant but had some trepidation about leaving the supposed security of a salaried position. She helped me assess my strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities and provided the personal tools I needed to make the switch. I have since had years of success and career growth as a proposal consultant and give her most of the credit for the positive direction my career has taken. Jan Butorac” April 26, 2010

“Emily is very professional and knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I learned more about myself and the person that I was and wanted to be during my sessions. She really used her skills and techniques to really make you do some soul searching about yourself and it was a wealth of information and life changing. I highly recommend Emily for anyone who is looking for direction and clarity in their lives.” Donna Huelsenbeck, April 15, 2010

“I was at a period in my life when I lacked direction and wanted to start a new career but I didn’t know which road to take. I met with Emily and she was able to get me focused and motivated. She took an approach that made me realize what strengths I had when I felt I didn’t have any. Through the work I did with her I got back on track attended school again (which really had intimidated me at one point) and I found a rewarding career. Emily takes the time to listen and understand a persons goals and point of view. She helps others to realize their potential and what the world has to offer when day to day occurances seem to blind one of what is going on. She has helped me a great deal professionally as well as personally. I cannot thank her enough for providing the coaching she did in a very difficult part of my life.” Amy Zelones, April 15, 2010

“As my coach, (Emily) patiently guided me as I connected to my deepest values and, over time, began honoring them…. I feel more myself than ever before.”–Kristann Montague, Auburn, Washington

“I had a great paying job in the career field in which I had majored in college, but I wasn’t happy at all… that’s when I began working with Emily Cameron. Her coaching style helped me …to find out what my needs were and (she) encouraged me to keep these needs in mind when seeking employment. I am now working in a field that is 180 degrees away from my old job, and I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy going to work again, and I feel that my contributions are making a difference.” -Nate King

“Emily has helped me numerous times to gain clarity about my life purpose, choices, responsibility, and dreams. Her intuition, compassion, and spiritual connection gives her clients a unique perspective and opportunity for personal growth. I am grateful to consider her one of my guides. I recommend Emily Cameron to anyone with dreams to manifest.” Andrea Howard, November 9, 2011

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