Focus Coaching is all about putting the focus on your personal development, growth and transformation!

Services include:

  • Free Consultation…you will receive value for your time with me!
    • Individual and Relationship Coaching, In Person and on Skype
    • Telegroups/classes
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Myers Briggs Qualified–What’s Your Type?
    • Group Facilitation
    • “The Coach Is In” Program, in-house coaching for you and your employees (click here to learn more about this program)

 Traditional Coaching

Traditional Coaching is like a comprehensive physical check up for your Life!  It takes great courage to stand still and take an honest look at where you are in your life, right now, right here, in the present moment.  Partnering with a coach who will ask the questions you have not asked yourself and having that coach’s support during this process is the key to transformation.  It is a radical act to live a fulfilled life!  This support is essential for accountability to someone who may even want more for you than you want for yourself!

Who Benefits:  Clients come to traditional coaching for many reasons, mostly when they are ready for “something” to be different.  You may have the perfect job and the perfect home situation but feel like “something” is missing.  Others come because they are in transition and they want to live the life of their choosing and in order to do that, they want to get to know themselves better.  And then some come because they’ve made decisions based on what others want, they simply want to figure out what they want and how to be the master of their own life.  Mostly it’s about a dream or a life they simply don’t believe they can have but have been too afraid to go for it…I believe we all know what we want but we allow ourselves to be held back by fear.  Everyone will experience personal development and growth by going through a traditional coaching process.  They will make better and faster decisions about what they want to do next and they will close the gap from where they are to where they want to be much faster by working with a professional coach.

Most coaches know that a minimum of 3 months is needed to support their clients in their awakening; in their new behaviors and to set them firmly upon the new life/career path they have chosen.

A 3-month program is meeting with the coach at least 3 times a month and covers the three phases of transformation: The Discovery Phase and The Planning Phase and The Implementation Phase.  The agenda is the client’s and the coach implements tools of assessments, powerful questions and, if the client is open to it, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to address fears and stoppers that come up along the way.

The Discovery Phase occurs in the first few sessions that include identifying and assessing your

  • Preferences (Myers Briggs)
  • Values (Your personal GPS!)
  • Balance
  • Wise Self/Voice
  • Identifying Saboteur Self/Voice
  • Dreams
  • Goals (Results, Process and Feeling)

The Planning Phase begins during the Discovery Phase.  In this phase

  • The information gathered in the Discovery Phase creates the new paint palate and preparation of the new canvas for a fulfilled life
  • Goals are formulated which include Results, Process and Feeling goals

The Implementation Phase is where everything discovered and planned is integrated into new actions, behaviors, focus and purposeful living.  The client has more clarity and is at conscious choice, perhaps for the first time in their life!  In this phase the coach’s role becomes one of championing and keeping alive the dream the client has embarked upon.

Does the coaching stop there?  No, many clients retain a coach who now knows “who” they are, “what” they are up to, and knows how to support them when the going gets tough or their dream evolves.  The sessions are more spread out.  Everyone has different needs at different times, some (especially those without a life or business partner) retain coaches on an on-going basis and others go in and out of coaching as obstacles come up.

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