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I started sending out monthly ezines in November 2005 and ended the monthly newsletters December 2007 to be a more “present” parent for my son who was graduating in 2010.  I knew the next few years would be especially bittersweet and I was right, so right to take things off my plate to better attend to the mom/son relationship.   My farewell note in the December 2007 Evoke explains the newsletter suspension.  I thought I would stop coaching for awhile, but found keeping my clients on my plate was what I needed to feel good.   Letting go some of the administrative tasks made room for presence parenting and coaching.  Currently (January 2011) my son is studing at the college of his dreams, happy, healthy and in love for the first time; he’s thriving.  I’d say the past few years were worth the emptier plate for a successful launch of my son into his adult life.

And now, beginning in February the newsletter returns!   A welcomed addition to my plate!

May 2011                  Are You Living Your Life On Purpose?
April 2011                 A New Look At Selfishness
March 2011              Body Wisdom: Listening to Our Bodies,They Know More Than We Do!
February 2011         Getting Beyond Our Stories
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