Connect the Dots is an audio program that focuses on the stories of our lives that suddenly make sense when we connect the dots and learn how certain people, circumstances and choices have served us in our lifetime. Steve Jobs inspired me with his comments regarding we don’t always know why we make certain choices at the time, but over time we begin to connect the dots and it all makes sense.
This is a subscription program where an audio clip is delivered to your email on weekdays for an entire year.  Take a deep breath, sit still and in one click you will hear a true story from my own life (or someone else who has inspired me) that comes with a pearl of wisdom to carry you through your day.  A subscription is the perfect gift for those in your life who already have everything, for those in your life who are struggling with life circumstances and need some encouragement that this too shall pass, and for those in your life who want to or already do live in a positive light.  This someone in your life can also be you! 
The stories will be delivered on the first working day of the month after your purchase.  If you purchase in December 2011, your first story will arrive on January 2, 2012, purchase in January, then the subscription starts February 1, and so forth.
Listen here for a sample story! 
CTD Sample 1 What is it to be a Parent?
CTD Sample 2 Age Doesn’t Matter, Everyone’s Feelings Are Important
When you purchase a year subscription for someone else, you will receive a 64 card deck of Power Thoughts cards (to help you find your inner strength), mailed to your physical address!  I use these cards myself almost everyday, certainly when I feel stuck or need a new way of thinking.  Simply shuffle the deck and pull a card for the day, or just for the moment.  Instantly you will pull the card that has the perfect thought for whatever situation prompted the choice.  Trust it and move forward! 
If you like a bargain, then the Year Investment Option is for you.  A one-time investment of $240 will save you money.  This is less than $1 a day for 261 days of inspiration!  You may purchase through paypal below or mail a check made out to Emily Cameron to:  Emily Cameron, 9300 Forest Point Circle, Suite 9, Manassas, VA 20110.  Email me at emily@focuscoaching.info if you choose the check option and let me know your check is in the mail!  If this is a gift, be sure to include in the instructions the recipient’s name and email address!

You may choose the convenient Monthly Subscription Option for $22/month using automatic billing through paypal where you may use a debit or credit card.  This is less than $1 a day for 261 days of inspiration!


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